While visiting the Center for Wooden Boats I can across this particular item.  The boat looked like it was carved out of one piece of wood and was painted pretty elaborately. I’m not sure if the markings are native American or not, but they kind of look like they could be.  Which made me wonder if the boat was a re-creation of a native American canoe.

It was moored by the bank on Lake Union and is obviously used regularly as there was an oar inside the boat and the inside was wet.  Anyway I grabbed some shots – I went down to the jetty to get as close to the water level as possible so I could get a good reflection in the water.  I took several pictures and then some people came out of the main building, got in the boat and pushed away from the side – and off they rowed into the lake.

From this position I managed to get a lot of green reflections from the bank in the water and a reflection of the boat too.   The colors of the boat were great against the water (all the oranges, browns and blacks).  I liked the dock just in the picture to the right too.  So the image came out quite well.

This is getting worse!  The guys are dropping like flies and I’m now convinced that this is no longer an accident!  Poor Red was ill watching this, they found Carter Clone on the top of the burner – it was a mess.

It’s weekend time again folks so tomorrow I’m off out to get some new pictures.  But for tonight we have another shot from the Center for Wooden Boats.  If you go there you can sign up for a workshop and learn how to fix your own wooden boat.  If you attend a class, this is where you go.

They have this shed area where you have the lessons and stay undercover when you do – what ever you do when you fix boats.  I took this shot as it was quite dark under the roof and I wanted to see if I could get the interior to come out.  This picture was heavily processed but it was only one shot.  I managed to bring out the shadows in the ceiling and still now blow out the outside.

I really liked visiting this place it was pretty cool.  If I wasn’t completely allergic to exercise I might even be tempted to take a row boat out, but lets not go nuts!

Tonight the guys decided that one of them should sit at the top of a tree.  They rock, paper, scissor’d for it and Red won.

I really hope you like boats, as I still have some more to post.  One of the challenges around this “post a picture a day” resolution is that I visit somewhere, take a load of pics, and then don’t go out again until all the pictures are posted.  So you tend to get all the images from one location together.  What I should have done, is visited a few places and rotated images from each location, so it’s not so boring.  Maybe next time I do this I’ll try that.  WHAT AM I SAYING – I’m never doing this again and only have 18 days left – I’m SOOOOO excited.

OK, so about the image.  I was at the Center for Wooden Boats (obviously) and saw this boat mored against the jetty.  What caught my eye was the reflection in the water.  It was so clear (almost like a mirror) that I couldn’t take the shot quick enough.  I also loved the fact that the colors appeared so well in the water.  You can see the blue sky and blue and yellow flags and white posts.

I composed this so that there was more water than land deliberately, but of course Lisa on seeing this said “but you can’t see the reflected things above”!  I actually liked this composition and had another one where you couldn’t see the real boat at all.  But that just looked like an upside down slightly blurry picture so I didn’t select that one for posting.

Anyway, if you get the chance to visit the The Center for Wooden Boats I really recommend it.

Master Chief decided to visit Carter’s new house today, it’s very cool and rather festive!

Today was a beautiful day, 80+ degrees and blue sky.  So this afternoon I decided to drive over the Seattle and grab some pictures of people enjoying the sun.  In the end I found myself by Lake Union watching the boats on the lake.

Lake Union is also a landing strip for sea planes and I took a few shots of some planes taking off and landing.  But I wasn’t really in the best place and while some of the images were OK, I felt I could get a better shot on another day.  So the sea plane images went in the trash.

There were some beautiful sail boats on the lake too and they were moving at a heck of a pace across the water.  One I saw was almost on its side as it cut across the lake, it was really impressive.  But the boats were on the other side of the lake too far away even too far for my longest lens (Lisa I need a longer one) and the images I captured were also not great.

Then I saw these two ladies paddling past on their boards.  I grabbed a shot as they passed Gas Works Park in the background and I loved the image when I got home.  The water looked pretty smooth and they were traveling quite fast.  This sport amazes me, probably because I have terrible balance and would suck at it.  It looks so graceful (and I’m quite envious) so I decided to post this one tonight.

Lisa got the suitcases out today – we aren’t going to Maui until next Saturday!  But Carter and Master Chief got inspired and decided to do some Maui research.

Lake Union is a fresh water lake that sits between Lake Washington and Puget Sound.  On the north shore of Lake Union is Gasworks Park which provides a fantastic view of downtown Seattle which is directly opposite on the other side of the lake.

I guess the thing that Lake Union is most famous for, is that this is where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed.  In fact the house boat that the male lead Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) lived in was on Lake Washington.

When you visit Seattle you can go on the “Duck Tours” which are amphibious World War II vehicles that take you round Seattle showing you all the local sites and end up going into Lake Union.  They actually take you past the house boats and tell you that after the film these homes became supper popular.  One reason being they don’t pay property tax (as they are classed as boats).  Apparently the city of Seattle was concerned they were losing money so now there is a limit on the number of house boats on the lake.

Today’s picture was taken from Gasworks Park right by the waters edge.  There was this small wall that had graffiti on it – something you don’t see much around Seattle.  Anyway I thought it looked cool with the painted wall in the bottom of the picture, the choppy water in the center and the Seattle skyline at the top.

Today Carter was caught enjoying his secret passion – reading “Reality Weekly”.