There’s kind of a golden rule in photography; when you get the camera out look EVERYWHERE.  Look up, down, both sides, in front and behind.  Don’t just see one opportunity and shoot that.  So that’s the goal, truth is though, like most people once I get an idea I kind of get caught up in that one thing.  I always think after “oh I should have looked around, or tried something different”.  Trouble is I kind of get this revelation on my way home!

Anyway I was in Alki and standing on the pier taking shots of downtown Seattle across Elliot Bay.  For once I thought, what if I shoot over here instead?  The picture below is the result, I have Elliot Bay behind me and not in the picture at all, instead I’m shooting into land.

There was actually a huge trash can on left under the pier light and I pulled that out of the way before taking the picture (I’m so pleased I thought of that too as it would have been a pain to remove in post).

When I got home I was really pleased with the image and like the look of the light on the pier and the way the pier draws your eye back to the shops and apartments on the water front.  The sky has a stormy look about it as well that adds to the picture.

So I get home tonight and to my surprise I find the Halo guys photocopying their butts on my scanner!  This is ridiculous, I mean it’s not a Christmas party or anything like that and both of them were sober!

Not a great day for a picture.  Still raining with grey sky’s etc., so I thought a black and white skyline shot was in order.

For this I visited Alki Beach in West Seattle.  Alki is on the peninsular that’s directly opposite Seattle Down Town on the other side of Elliott Bay.  This is a great place to roller blade or bicycle and is scattered with coffee shops and restaurants.  (Our favorite place is Salty’s that overlooks the water).

This shot was taken right by Salty’s and as there was a lot of traffic in Elliott Bay I had to wait for an opening to get the city.  That said you can see the Ferry coming in from Bainbridge Island.  As it was just getting dark the city lights are starting to come on and it adds a nice collection of lights to the image.

Abi has hundreds of these “Littlest Pet Shop” Toys (and I mean hundreds) here they ganged up on our Halo heroes.

I went out with the camera today to see what I could capture but it was a bit miserable again.  Rain with grey skies.  Anyway I went over to west Seattle to Alki Beach and found this pier with some boats propped up on the railings.  Sitting on the top of one of the boats was this seagull.

I walked up to it and the bird blazingly sat there looking at me, I could see the bird thinking “what the hell do you want?”

Anyway I decided to set up the camera and take this shot as behind the bird was the Seattle skyline and the sun was just going down, so building lights were coming on.

I took several shots and the bird kept moving and the light was low so I needed a long shutter.  When I got home I checked out the pictures and found one with the bird staying reasonably still.  But when I examined the image I saw the boat was covered in bird crap!  I suggested to Lisa that I should throw the image away but she liked it and thought it was funny, so here it is.

These Halo guys have no fear, they just throw a rope to the top of one of Lisa’s glass ornaments and started to climb!