I’ve been taking photographs for most of my adult life. When I was 18 I set up a home darkroom in my attic and would spend hours developing 35mm black and white film.

At the time I was more interested in developing images rather than taking a great picture, which is probably nuts but it does explain my interests and fondness today in Photoshop. After leaving my family home I joined the British Armed Forces and served for 9 years.

Not having access to my own darkroom (and being rather lazy) my interest in photography dropped. When digital photography became a consumer reality and devices became available I started again, capturing numerous (bad) pictures of the family and our vacations. My frustration always being “Why don’t my images look like the glossy magazine versions of the same location?”At the time Canon released the first consumer Digital SLR (the “Rebel”). I rushed out and purchased one hoping that it would enable me to create the images I wanted. I used that camera for around a year but fell back on small compact cameras for ease of use, portability and the fact that at the time I could get the same kind of results.

A few years ago I decided to bite the bullet and try again. This time (after carrying out tons of on-line research) going for Nikon. (I have since sold all my Nikon gear and moved to a mirrorless Fujifilm system :-). Anyway I discovered Photoshop and attended numerous classes on photography, composition and how to post process images professionally. The results of which exist on this site.

I am totally an amateur when it comes to photography and still see it as a hobby. I have so much to learn and am truly enjoying the ride and learning process.

My profession is software engineering and I actually work for Microsoft in their Operating Systems Group.

This site was created to post and blog about images I took for my 2012 New Years resolution which was to capture and post a picture a day.  I’ve kept the site running ever since and post images for family and friends.

In truth I started posting images in lower resolutions on Facebook and I received requests from friends and contacts for copies a prints. As a result I set up this site so people can purchase prints if they want them.

I should point out that this is not a money making concern. At best I’m looking to cover some of the hosting costs. Trust me when I say that I would have to sell prints for ridiculous prices to make back what this hobby costs :-)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site and the images, if you have comments or feedback please let me know what you think (positive or negative) either through email or the Guestbook section on the site.

Thank you for visiting,

Tony Seeley


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