Not much to post tonight as everyone has a “stones” on the beach picture, but I thought so what!  I want one too.  So while walking along the beach on Bainbridge Island, I stopped and shot directly down and got this image.  You can hopefully see that some of these stones are pretty big so can understand why walking along this beach with a huge camera bag and tripod could be a little “dangerous”.  But everything’s good, I got all my camera gear insured a few weeks ago so it’s safe no matter what happens.

This is not a particularly cleaver image, there’s no artificial light – just natural sunlight – it’s just a picture of stones.  Well actually it’s three pictures of stones HDR’d together to add a little “grunge” or detail to the image.  They had some areas where all the stones were the same size (ish) but I liked this one better with everything different, all slightly different colors.

There’s probably some sea life hiding in here somewhere but I just like the image.  There I now have my stone picture.

Master Chief and Carter were missing Maui today, so they decided to try and recreate it here in Redmond.


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