Today was a beautiful day, 80+ degrees and blue sky.  So this afternoon I decided to drive over the Seattle and grab some pictures of people enjoying the sun.  In the end I found myself by Lake Union watching the boats on the lake.

Lake Union is also a landing strip for sea planes and I took a few shots of some planes taking off and landing.  But I wasn’t really in the best place and while some of the images were OK, I felt I could get a better shot on another day.  So the sea plane images went in the trash.

There were some beautiful sail boats on the lake too and they were moving at a heck of a pace across the water.  One I saw was almost on its side as it cut across the lake, it was really impressive.  But the boats were on the other side of the lake too far away even too far for my longest lens (Lisa I need a longer one) and the images I captured were also not great.

Then I saw these two ladies paddling past on their boards.  I grabbed a shot as they passed Gas Works Park in the background and I loved the image when I got home.  The water looked pretty smooth and they were traveling quite fast.  This sport amazes me, probably because I have terrible balance and would suck at it.  It looks so graceful (and I’m quite envious) so I decided to post this one tonight.

Lisa got the suitcases out today – we aren’t going to Maui until next Saturday!  But Carter and Master Chief got inspired and decided to do some Maui research.


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