This is definitely an interesting New Years Resolution.  It’s got to the stage now where it’s pretty much all consuming, I think about pictures and post topics all the time and have lots of people providing ideas to help.  This morning I got up pretty early for a Saturday, had some breakfast and sat down with Abi for 20 minutes.  Anyway I fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later – what a waste of a morning.

I had intended to go to a farmers market with Lisa but she let me sleep and everyone kind of left me alone.  When I woke they all said, “well that’s the day over”, but it was only 12:30.  Desperate for a picture idea I convinced the family to go to Woodland Park Zoo for the afternoon.  The sky was cloudy but it was warm outside (around 70 degrees) and reluctantly they agreed.

So around 1pm we headed out (it takes ages to get them all moving – say’s the guy who slept till noon), Lisa, Abi and James, and James’ girlfriend Alex and I set off.  Of course as we hit the road it started to rain, but undeterred we carried on to Seattle.

We decided that if it was raining when we got to the zoo, we would find somewhere else to go, but we were lucky as when we got there it had just stopped.  While we had black clouds over us all afternoon, it was still warm and it only rained for 5 minutes later in the day.

The zoo wasn’t too busy, obviously the possibility of bad weather kept the crowds away, and we had a really great time.  I took around 850 pictures in total, and will get out of them possibly 5 or 6 shots that I can post.  That may sound quite low but I take around 40 of the same animal and no matter how many come out I can only really post one lion (it would be a little boring otherwise).  If I get 10 pictures I will consider myself really lucky.  We were there for 4 hours and if I can get 2 pictures an hour I class it as a valuable “Picture a Day” trip.

Tonight’s image is a lion – duh.  When we got to the lion’s enclosure I didn’t expect to see anything as they are usually asleep and hiding.  But this male lion was sitting there posing for the camera.  He was pretty far away but fortunately I have some nice glass and got the shot below.  I’m really pleased with this one, animals can be really hard to capture and I’m not very good at it, so I’m classing this one as a success.

Now I should say here that I had planned a zoo trip with a friend from work (Chris) so he is gonna’ be mad when he reads this, but the whole afternoon was so good, I’ll go again with him next month.

This evening Master Chief decided to work on his camouflage skills, Carter helped.


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