I posted a picture of downtown Bellevue the other day and explained how I went out on a date with Lisa and while walking over a foot bridge saw a scene to capture.  Well tonight’s image is the original picture idea I had.  On this side of the bridge you can see Maggiano’s restaurant and some of the office tower blocks in the distance.

Maggiano’s is one of my favorite places to eat.  If you like Italian, this is the place to go especially if you are in a big party.  They let you order from their family menu and bring you out loads of dishes for everyone to share.  Inside the restaurant it’s decorated in dark wood and looks fantastic.  That too would make a really nice picture and I’ll get that one day too.

In this image the sky came out really blue, I suspect that this is somewhat due to the neon lights affecting the white balance settings in the camera (it wasn’t that blue in real life, it was actually almost black as it was night) but I think it looks great in the image.  The tall office building in the distance also picks up the color of the sky and looks good too.

There is something about photographing neon signs that’s really fun.  You tend to see more colors in the picture than you pick up when you’re there as your eye’s adjust and “see” the neon colors differently.  But the camera’s brain is not as smart as ours and produces more accurate vibrant colors.   So surrounding walls are more saturated and look brighter.

I’ve enjoyed taking these night shots and think I’ll spend some time to go out and get some more, perhaps in downtown Seattle.  So look out for those in the future.

After a long day at work the Halo guys stood outside work waiting for their bus home.


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