Last night Lisa and I went out for dinner with some friends without kids.  Oh it was lovely, no telling people off, being worried about bad behavior or getting frustrated with James and Abi, just a nice dinner and drinks and then some people watching and some very bad pool at “The Parlor” (a posh pool hall, bar and comedy club).

Maybe I’m getting old (well OK I’m definitely getting old) but some of the sights we saw were just hysterical.  It would be inappropriate of me to make fun of the afflicted (and I mean the worst dress sense I have ever seen) but some people just should not wear belly shirts and low cut tops – you know who you are…

Also I learnt that to be trendy I need to get a hat, as most of the “young dudes” that were going clubbing had a hat on.  Of course I could chose to not wear a hat and be untrendy, which is where I’m leaning as, the guys with the hats on looked ridiculous!  I mean what is it the 1950s?

Anyway I’m drifting again.  While we were out we were talking to our friends (Cameron and Kathryn) about the picture a day postings and how we spend all our time looking for something interesting to shoot.  And here we were standing on this foot bridge overlooking Bellevue town center with a great view.  Somebody (it wasn’t me) said “what about taking a picture of that” pointing to the crossroads.  So tonight I went back with my camera and grabbed some shots.

I really love the sky in these pictures, it really was that blue (no Photoshop honest).  There was a little traffic on the road so I took a number of shots with long exposures to capture some of those light trails (Lisa likes those).  And I think the image came out OK.  Needless to say I’m now gonna be driving around at night looking for interesting intersections, so if you see me wave.

It was Abi’s birthday party today and she wanted cupcakes instead of the big birthday cake.  They went down well with Carter and Master Chief.


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