It’s kind of funny how I end up picking a picture to post.  Yesterday while driving round Redmond I saw these great Cherry Blossom trees.  So I parked up and jumped out of the car (I take my camera and tripod everywhere I go these days).

The rain had just stopped so I was ok getting the camera out, and as you can see in the picture blue sky was rolling past above.  At first I set up the camera in front of the trees (there were two) and I took some pictures.  I was standing by the side of the road as passers by looked on like I was bonkers!  (Actually you would be amazed at the number of people who stop and ask what I’m doing, I mean I’m standing there with a huge tripod and camera taking pictures and people still ask.  These days I’ve started giving stupid responses too – I kind-a look at the camera, then at the person, and then say “I’m flying a kite” or something.)

Anyway, I took both horizontal and vertical shots and they both looked “ok” at best.  Behind the trees were some ugly buildings and there wasn’t enough contrast and the trees were kind of lost.  So I went off and photographed something else (see yesterday’s posting).   On the way back to the car as I walked past the trees I thought I’d try one more shot, only this time an up shot with the sky as a backdrop.

I thought nothing of it and went back to work.  When I got home I looked at all the images I shot and loved the last ones of the Cherry Trees.   The pink blossoms against the blue sky look great.  So here is my picture of the day.

Carter and Master Chief wanted some Kiwi tonight, although I’m not sure Master Chief is eating it right!


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