We don’t have much graffiti in Redmond, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen any before.  But today I went out to lunch with some mates from work and we ended up in Redmond.  We were actually going to the Red Lion which is an English pub in town, but it wasn’t open yet!  So instead we went somewhere else.

As we were driving around we drove past the skate board park.  The park has a couple of 1/4 pipes, some steps the kids can skate down and a couple of rails.  It’s really cool – I might take James down there so he can check it out.  Anyway just by the park is this great big graffiti wall.  I guess the city had the idea that if kids want to paint on a wall they would rather they paint on a dedicated wall than some shop somewhere.

The wall is pretty brightly colored so I thought I’d try a couple of shots.  It took this wide image and and one really close up.  I showed them both to Lisa when I got home and this one was her favorite, so this is tonight’s image.

I think Carter want’s a drink – must be thirsty!


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