It was raining really hard today so tonight’s posting is from my backlog.  This is another shot of Anderson Park in Redmond (where the tree socks are).

I love this wooden cabin I think it looks really good against a backdrop of bright tree’s.  Obviously I am running out of images to post so the rain had better stop soon or I’m going to be posting some really lame pics.

On a positive note, tonight Lisa and I picked our summer vacation location, we are going to Maui, and I’ll be taking my camera and Halo chums with me, so in July expect lots of nice sunsets and beaches.

Roxie went to the cleaners today, she was supposed to go tomorrow but Lisa got the day’s wrong.  Anyway they fitted her in and gave her a bath and haircut.  When she got home she looked really cute and apparently she was really good at the cleaners so Carter decided to give her a treat.


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