I’m really angry with myself as last night I passed up a fantastic picture (because I was too tired) – how lame is that?  I was driving home and it was a lovely evening, nice sunset, warm, blue sky (you get the idea).  Anyway I was driving past some field and right near the fence was a tiny calf (yes that’s right a baby cow).  It was eating grass and very close to the side of the road.  There was even a place to park up!  But no, I was too tired, so I drove on and went home.  All the way thinking, I’ll get the picture tomorrow, it will be there then.

So tonight I leave work and it’s raining really hard.  I get to the field and there isn’t a cow, calf, duck, goat, chicken in sight – nothing.  I bet I NEVER see that bloody cow again.  As a result I didn’t get a picture and am forced to post something I captured the other day.

On Sunday Lisa, Abi and I went to Seattle and I got this shot of Lisa and Abi at the Space Needle.  I don’t get to photograph Lisa very often so this was clearly a special occasion.  I really like this image but that little cow would have been great too.  All I can say is, Bugger!

Carter was playing “Show me the Money” tonight from his quarter throne.


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