So yesterday I started shooting environmental portraits of the family.  I started with James on his Xbox, and tonight we have Abi reading.  Now Abi is a very keen gymnast and is usually flipping or cartwheeling around the house/garden/sofa etc., and my immediate thought was to capture her doing her gymnastics thing.

But I walked into the family room and found her literally in this pose reading on the sofa.  I loved the pose so much I grabbed the camera and took the shot.

Of course the moment I pointed the camera in her direction she started to pose for me and I had to ask her to just pretend I wasn’t there.  After a couple of shots she stopped smiling and I got the image below.

So that’s two for two, tomorrow night is the Lisa picture – if I can just convince her to let me that is.

This evening the Halo guys decided they wanted to play connect four.  So out came the game and the competition started.