Horrible day today, snow at home and really heavy rain when I went into town.  So I was wondering what should I photograph today.  Then it hit me, I really felt like dropping a strawberry into a fish tank.

I had two problems though, I didn’t have any strawberry’s and I didn’t have a fish tank.  So I went shopping.  I actually brought a new fish tank from Petco ($13 for a 2 foot fish tank – seriously), and got some strawberry’s from Fred Meyre.

I got home and set up this ridiculously complex scene with the fish tank full of water, two speed lights, one on either side of the fish tank and my mac tethered to the camera which was on a tripod.

Then Lisa started dropping the strawberry into the tank, it took us a couple of go’s to get our 3, 2, 1, now system working and the result is below.

I remember when my dad used to say “DON’T PLAY WITH THE FISH TANK”!  I’ll grant you I was 18 at the time, but now I can play with it all I want (That’s what she said!)

Lisa collected 50 boxes of girl scout cookies today.  Then all day we had people coming by to pick up their orders.  It appears that the Halo guys stole their own stash, this is what I found them doing this evening.


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