Now this is a terrible thing to admit but I’m not a huge fan of shooting my kids.  If you need to ask why, you don’t have kids yourself!  Basically most people who ask me to photography them actually want me to do it.  Sure people aren’t necessarily comfortable in front of the camera but they try – and it’s my job of course to help them.

But my kids… they DEFINITELY don’t want to be photographed, in fact they hate it!

So when Lisa asked me to get some shots of James and Abi, with their cousin Regan I thought “oh no” and adopted an unhappy face.

But not to be perturbed I got some lights out and grabbed the camera.  But things were not right – something was wrong!  Abi was in the shower getting ready (this never happens), then James got in the shower!!!!!  Regan put on Seattle Seahawks t-shirt (his new favorite team) and then all got in front of the camera.

Then they smiled – I’ll say that again – THEY SMILED!

So either, I’m getting better at this (unlikely) or they just wanted to play tonight (probable).

Anyway here are the shots.


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