After our day out in Seattle we visited Kirkland for the evening.  Kirkland has this really nice marina with a small beach on Lake Washington.  When we got there the sun had just gone down but it was still light out.  This is a wonderful time to shoot, it’s usually called the “Blue Hour” and in the images below you can see why.

There’s a boat tour company that runs out of Kirkland called Argosy. They provide trips around Lake Washington and will even take you out to Puget Sound and the San Juan’s.  When I got there, we saw an Argosy dinner cruse that was just about to head out.  So I grabbed some pictures.

Once the boat had gone I shot some images of the piers, which have these lamps on them that cast a great light across the water.  The water was a little choppy so I put the camera on a tripod and shot with a long exposure to smooth the water.

Next it was up past the beach to shoot a huge gazebo that over looks the lake.  This looked great as the blue sky was juxtaposed against the orange gazebo lights.

Finally behind the gazebo there was this statue of six kids running up a hill.  Above the kids the sky was super blue, and at the kids feet the lights from the shops looked fantastic.  With this image there were cars that kept going by that cast a lot of light onto the statues.  This shot didn’t come out as I’d hoped but I still liked it so thought I’d include it too.

Once again, all images shot with a Fujifilm X100T camera with a fixed 23mm f/2 lens.


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