We’ve basically gone completely off the reservation now as each Friday we decide on the topic for the weekend :-) – No more list!  This is OK I think as the purpose of the Image a Week exercise was to get us to shoot and I’d rather shoot something I want than something I don’t (that I came up with months ago).

Anyway, this week the subject is reflection.  I had a great scene in mind on Thursday, I was going to shoot this house that’s not far from me that sit’s above a small lake.  Every morning I drive past it and it just looks beautiful.  But due to Abi being ill last night we didn’t get up early this morning – the whole house over slept.  I needed to get up early as I need to walk on someone else’s property to shoot the house – naughty I know, but I figured if I got there early Sunday morning I could grab the shot and get out without getting busted!  But as we had a late start no image.

So what to shoot?  In the end I set up a number of still life scenes and picked this one to post.  This was surprisingly easy to do, I got an old framed poster in the garage and took it apart grabbing the perspex sheet from the frame.  Placed that on the kitchen table and got some colored card for the background.  I set up two lights with big umbrellas on either side of the scene and then put a number of “things” in front of the card.  Every now and then I changed the card (for a difference color) and kept shooting different house hold items.

In the end there were two I liked, this one below and one of three glasses of water.  In the end I opted for “Mr Egg”.


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