I don’t know what you all talk about over lunch but at work we talk about cameras – quite a lot in fact.  We cover everything from exposure and aperture settings to lens choice and camera brands and tripods.  If you don’t own a camera or are not interested in photography I guess it could be a little boring – if fact it’s incredibly boring.

Eventually we wore down one of the new team members and he went out and brought a camera. Then the conversation changed to “what do I shoot now?”  This went on for a while and eventually I figured I’d provide some recommendations.  This conversation turned into a list of suggestions.

We even talked about the idea of shooting something every day but I immediately put a stop to that.  Instead we came up with weekly photography list and the goal to try and shoot something every week.  OK, I know what your thinking, I’ve said that before!  But last time I was on my own, now I’m shooting with a group.  So the list was created and the first item on the list was a car shoot – who doesn’t like cars?  Besides we did this on a Friday and there was a car show on Saturday in Redmond :-)

Anyway, we are now shooting weekly and I plan to blog my pictures each week.  Here’s week one, my car shot.


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