So I’m driving home from Cannon Beach and we go past this barn in a field full of dandelions.   The sky was blue and it looked really pretty.  So I pulled over, grabbed the camera and took a shot.  To do this I had to walk into the field and get down super low.  Now you wouldn’t think that this would be a problem but the owners drove up as I was doing this and gave me a nasty stare!  I kind of waved nicely with a big smile and carried on.

After taking the one picture I walked back the car and drove home (which was around 3 miles away – I pass this barn every day).

The following day on the way to work I drove past the barn and saw that the owners had mowed the entire field.  It looked terrible!  I guess they either didn’t want people on their property, or they hate dandelions :-)

Either way I got my picture.


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