Today was a lovely day and ended with a nice evening with clear sky’s and not too cold. So I thought I’d pop out for a sunset or “blue” hour picture (just after the sun has gone down).

As I didn’t want to go too far I thought I’d go over to Kirkland as I haven’t been there in a while so I left home around 6:30 and drove to Lake Washington.

The sun was low in the sky but the water was pretty rough as there was a wind blowing. So I popped the camera on a tripod and put on a neutral density filter. This just restricts the amount of light coming into the camera so makes the shutter have to stay open longer. The result of which is that the water looks nice and smooth. But doing this you have exposure times of over 20 seconds so that tripod was really necessary.

I walked around the water’s edge taking loads of pictures looking for that great composition.  Once the sun had gone down over the horizon I found this little pier that’s right next to the place you put your boat in the lake.  Luckily for me everyone had gone home by this time so I had the area to myself.  Also the lights had just gone one and they cast a subtle glow on the pier.

I took a couple of shots and the images looked nice but they needed a little something else.  In truth the sun was really going so the sky wasn’t that interesting.  So I popped on a magenta filter too that gave the sky a nice purple hue.

Here’s the finished result.


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