I didn’t post any pictures last week as I had to work over the weekend and while I’m trying to post every week, this year I’m not going to get all bent out of shape if I miss a picture every now and then.  In 2012 when I posted a picture a day I would get hugely wound up that I’d miss a day and quite frankly it stopped being fun – and that’s bad.

But this week I had the time to pop out for a picture.  Saturday was raining all day but Sunday was nice, so I drove down to Marymoor Park to see what I could get.  Marymoor is a huge public park in Redmond where they have acres of space for kids and dogs to run and play.  There are lots of sports fields too, a massive dog park where you can walk your dog off leash and a model plane airport where you can see loads of planes dog fighting and doing acrobatics in the sky – all very cool!

A large part of Marymoor is set aside as a nature reserve, they have a lot of wild birds and small animals that like wetlands as the park backs onto Lake Sammamish.

As you walk further into the park you start getting closer to the lake and there are a number of broad walk paths that lead you to the waters edge.  I thought it might look nice overlooking the lake so that’s the direction I took.

Like most of the county we’ve had some pretty bad weather lately, for us that meant a LOAD of rain.  The result of which is the water level of all the lakes and rivers is higher than normal.

When I got to the main walkway to the lake I found all the paths were under water.  They have this one long wooden bridge that crosses some of the wetland and it was totally under water.  Loads of people were complaining that they couldn’t cross but all I thought was “what a great picture opportunity”.  What helped was that there were a few clouds in the sky too which were reflecting nicely in the standing water.

So I set up the tripod and started taking pictures.  I had to stand in water to do this but fortunately I didn’t get wet.  As you can see in the picture we are still in winter as nothing green has come out yet, but I still thought the scene looked cool.

When I got home I was happy with the picture, but also tried processing the image in black and white.  Both looked good but the black and white version looked MUCH colder so I went with the warmer color image.

Hope you like the pic.


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