As it’s mid-winter break and the schools were out I decided to take that day off work and spend some time with the family.  We didn’t really have any plans but figured we’d decide what to do on the day.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great this morning – it was really raining hard, and it looked like tomorrow and the day after were going to have the same.  So we decided to just hang out at home and have a restful day.  Later in the day the skies cleared and the sun came out so we thought we should go somewhere and take some pictures.

At 4pm Lisa, Abi and I hit the road and drove to Seattle.  We thought we’d check out Discovery Park and maybe get a sunset shot out over Puget Sound.  At first we figured this was a great idea, but then we realized (after we left home) that we were about to encounter the Friday night rush hour traffic.  Fortunately this wasn’t too bad and we got to the park in about an hour.

The park is pretty big with a car park and visitor center at one end and trails leading you down to the beach.  The challenge we had is that we reached the park at 5pm, the sun was due to go down at 5:30 and it was a 40 minute walk to the lighthouse.  So I went into the visitor center and convinced them into giving me a car parking pass for the beach :-).  With this we were able to drive all the way through the park down to the beach, park up and get some nice pics.

We stayed there for nearly an hour taking pictures.  I got a few before the sun started to set, and then more when the sun was down behind the Olympics.  There was a little cloud in the sky and this lit up beautifully with the sky turning red.

Lisa asked for a few shots of her and Abi in profile and silhouette looking out to the sea.  Some of these came out really well but most had Abi clearly showing the cold (the wind had started to blow now), but one silhouette shot of them by the lighthouse looked nice so I’m posting that below.

Unfortunately the sun was setting off to the west (as you’d expect) but we were south of the lighthouse so I couldn’t get both in a picture together easily.  The other picture was shot with me facing north, nicely capturing the lighthouse and the red clouds in the sky – but no sun.

After an hour we were all starting to feel cold and headed home.  Not a long time out but the sunset was very pretty and we got some nice pictures.  So here are my images for this week.

This one was shot facing north where I just caught the lighthouse.  The sun was low in the sky and turned the clouds red.  It looked amazing and was an easy shot to take.

This was the shot of Lisa and Abi standing by the lighthouse.  The sun had pretty much gone down by now but it still provided enough light to make a nice image (Lisa liked it anyway).


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