Those of you who know me, know I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes.  I’m usually inappropriate with my humor, frequently annoying and very very occasionally funny!  Funny that is to you, who heard my sad witticism for the first time.

So spare a thought for my wonderful wife Lisa.  She not only has heard my joke before (trust me she has heard them all before – I don’t have that much material), but she has heard it MANY times and put up with me for over twenty five years.

Now you’re thinking about it, you’re probably starting to really appreciate how amazing Lisa is!

Anyway, on December 10th last month we celebrated our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, which I think for any couple these days is pretty damn good.  Leading up to the day I asked Lisa what she wanted and she of course responded with the normal, “Nothing thanks I’m fine”.  But I kept pushing, pointing out repetitively that she really deserved something nice this year for sticking the course.

Eventually I convinced her to go out shopping with me the weekend before our anniversary to get something nice.  We ended up in Nordstrom’s and found ourselves in the jewelry department.  I really don’t think Lisa wanted anything initially but once she starts to shop, well it’s impressive.  In the end Lisa decided she didn’t want one ring, she wanted three!  I immediately said no problem – trust me the torture she’s been through living with me she deserves a hundred.

So we brought the rings which of course weren’t the right size, and rather than have them adjusted Lisa decided to get new ones made that fit her perfectly.  In my naivety I was a bit disappointed as I wanted her to have her rings on our anniversary but she explained that this was fine and normal and didn’t mind waiting the few weeks for the new rings to arrive.

This morning she got the call telling her the rings were in and she ran off to Bellevue to pick them up.

Now this is a little naff (if you don’t know what naff means you can look it up here) but I thought I’d shoot the rings for a blog posting and share them with family and friends.

Trying to be “creative” I pinched an old wedding photographer trick and shot the rings on a dictionary by the word “Love” with a spotlight.  This gives a nice heart shadow (this is definitely naff).  Anyway Lisa has never seen this before and loved it so it made the blog.

Joking aside I’m a very lucky man to have Lisa and love her dearly and look forward to the next twenty five years.

Here’s the pic – hope you like it as much as Lisa.


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