Every now and then I get asked to get my camera out and shoot someone. These requests usually come through Lisa’s huge network of friends and being keen to get more experience (and please Lisa) I invariably say yes.

Usually it’s a person or family portrait, but a couple of months ago Lisa was asked if I would take some pictures of a business. This was a first and I happily said yes. What was also cool was that it was a business I had visited.

Redmond School of Glass is a glass blowing company where you can visit their store and just purchase some pieces or instead go along to their factory for a glass blowing lesson and make something. This is a really cool date night out and Lisa and I went there last year and made some large glass balls. There was nothing special about what we made but it was a great date and a load of fun and Lisa still has the balls on display.

Of course while there Lisa took the opportunity to buy some really nice pieces that were made by someone who knew what they were doing :-)

Anyway, the company wanted some shots of some of their newer pieces and also some pictures of their employees making some art. Their plan was to use the images for brochures and their website.

So I went along on a Saturday morning to take some pictures. Chris Pearson (a friend from work) came too and helped with lighting.

We had a great time and took a load of pictures – I’ve included a few here. There was a class on while we were shooting and I took some of the people blowing glass, but as I didn’t get a model release I’m not sharing those here.

We were there for around two hours and captured around 300 images, some of which came out really well, others, well they weren’t so good. I’ve provided all the images to the owners of the business and hopefully there are some there that they like.

The images below include some of their pieces from their store and a few shots of the glass blowers doing their thing.













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