I did go out today to take some pictures but it was pretty bad weather again.  It was actually snowing at home, but in Bellevue (where I decided to go) it was coming down pretty hard.  I drove around looking for something interesting to shoot but it was not nice, so I headed home all depressed.  Of course that means I’m going out again tomorrow.

But Lisa came up with the idea of shooting one of the Christmas trees.  She suggested I get a narrow depth of field shot of one light in focus with the others behind all blurry, but when I was setting up the camera I noticed some of the ornaments.  It appears that last year Lisa got some new ones, actually buying one of each of the family.  Now to be honest, I put the trees up and Lisa and the kids decorate them so I had no idea what the ornaments are.  So when I saw a little Tony, I had to shoot that.

I kind of took the picture Lisa suggested but with a different twist.  It’s a little more fun than a serious shot of the tree.

Carter was hanging on to joy today, not saying he’s depressed or anything, but he wasn’t letting go!


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