It’s weekend time again folks so tomorrow I’m off out to get some new pictures.  But for tonight we have another shot from the Center for Wooden Boats.  If you go there you can sign up for a workshop and learn how to fix your own wooden boat.  If you attend a class, this is where you go.

They have this shed area where you have the lessons and stay undercover when you do – what ever you do when you fix boats.  I took this shot as it was quite dark under the roof and I wanted to see if I could get the interior to come out.  This picture was heavily processed but it was only one shot.  I managed to bring out the shadows in the ceiling and still now blow out the outside.

I really liked visiting this place it was pretty cool.  If I wasn’t completely allergic to exercise I might even be tempted to take a row boat out, but lets not go nuts!

Tonight the guys decided that one of them should sit at the top of a tree.  They rock, paper, scissor’d for it and Red won.


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