I really hope you like boats, as I still have some more to post.  One of the challenges around this “post a picture a day” resolution is that I visit somewhere, take a load of pics, and then don’t go out again until all the pictures are posted.  So you tend to get all the images from one location together.  What I should have done, is visited a few places and rotated images from each location, so it’s not so boring.  Maybe next time I do this I’ll try that.  WHAT AM I SAYING – I’m never doing this again and only have 18 days left – I’m SOOOOO excited.

OK, so about the image.  I was at the Center for Wooden Boats (obviously) and saw this boat mored against the jetty.  What caught my eye was the reflection in the water.  It was so clear (almost like a mirror) that I couldn’t take the shot quick enough.  I also loved the fact that the colors appeared so well in the water.  You can see the blue sky and blue and yellow flags and white posts.

I composed this so that there was more water than land deliberately, but of course Lisa on seeing this said “but you can’t see the reflected things above”!  I actually liked this composition and had another one where you couldn’t see the real boat at all.  But that just looked like an upside down slightly blurry picture so I didn’t select that one for posting.

Anyway, if you get the chance to visit the The Center for Wooden Boats I really recommend it.

Master Chief decided to visit Carter’s new house today, it’s very cool and rather festive!


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