I mentioned in a posting the other day that over the weekend Lisa, Abi and I attended the “Redmond Lights” event.  By the town hall they had this massive tree (and I really mean it was huge) covered with lights.  There were loads of normal lights and some that appeared to animate, I guess because of the size of the tree it was just impressive.

Anyway I took a few shots of this tree from different points of view.  When I got home Lisa and I looked at the pictures and a heated discussion ensued over which image was best.  I think in the end we got it down to two pictures, this one below and another that had another large tree in the foreground that was beautifully lit up with orange lights.  In the end we couldn’t agree on the best image so I followed a tried and trusted approach to pick the right one to post.

So here is Lisa’s favorite picture.

Obviously its pretty dark outside so I had to put the camera on a tripod and capture the image with a long exposure.  I should state that if I didn’t do that, one of two things would have happened.  Either everything would have been very very dark (except for the lights) or everything would have been very blurry.

Having said that of course you can see the people under the tree are very blurry as they are all walking around.  I did my best to clean them up but if I made any more modifications it would have looked very fake.

One thing that struck me was the color of the sky in this image compared with the color of the sky in other ones.  If I stood further back, the sky was blue and black, but when I was closer the sky had an almost orange hue.  The reason for this is the tree to the left.  This was covered in orange light and the closer I got to the tree the more light spilled into the camera and affected the ambiant sky color (wow how technical is that!)

I have to say that this month is proving to be the hardest month of the year.  It’s really not because of a lack of desire to go out and take pictures, it just that when I leave the office at the end of the day it’s totally black outside and raining.  But I only have 27 days to go (can’t believe that) and I really want to end on a high! So I checked with Lisa and have been assured that this weekend we have nothing planned and I’m going out to shoot loads of pictures no matter what.

The guys decided to do some wall climbing tonight.  They did pretty well too.


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