So yesterday I was driving home from work thinking “what should I post tonight?”  To be fair, that’s pretty much all I ever think about on the way home but such is life for a “post a picture a day” idiot.  I have to say I actually have quite a few nice images to share with you so it really was a question of which one.  But then I saw the sunset over my neighborhood and saw the chance to get something new.

Now what I’ve learnt to do when I see something nice is stop immediately and grab the camera.  The day’s of “Oh I’ll get that next time” or “I’ll get it on the way back” are well and truly over – it NEVER works.  So just by Abi’s school I pulled over and got the camera.  The sky looked great but I noted that just down the road you could see a really nice yellow and orange sky against the roof tops, so I went for a walk.

Anyway I found myself by a small park area with some play equipment and what I think was a lamp.  Against the sky everything was in silhouette and I thought it made a really nice image so I started taking some pictures.  I kept moving around and trying different compositions and ended up selecting the image I’m posting tonight as my favorite.

I thought the sky looked great and love the fact I can just see some leaves on the floor and make out the shapes in the foreground.  It just goes to show you can capture a fun picture anywhere.

The guys where getting ready for Halloween tonight, they were really excited about getting some candy tomorrow, I guess we will have to see how they do!


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