Now I know I usually post landscapes but tonight I thought I’d do something different.  Abi and Valerie got the huge pumpkin in the kitchen tonight and decided to start carving.  Now Lisa has this book of carving stencils that you pin to the pumpkin and draw around.  Then you get out these funky little knives or mini saws and start to carve around the lines you drew.

All pretty simple really.  But of course Abi and Valerie never do anything simple, oh no.  They start by designing their own stencil.  Two eyes, one that looks like a big A (for Abi) and one that looks like a big V (for Valerie), some scary eyebrows and a fanged mouth.  Then they took turns curving out parts of the pumpkin.

All the time they’re joking and laughing and mucking about.  They were both so funny, I had to capture a picture.

Of course the moment they finished they ran off.  There was pumpkin guts everywhere it was a total mess.  So I cleaned everything up and took some pictures with “the guys”.

I should state that the original point of this site was to capture really nice image every day and post it to the site.  Now you might not think this is a really nice image, and question whether family pictures should be included too.

But I love this image, the girls look great and to me this fits all the requirements.

Now Abi and Valerie would like to take the praise for the pumpkin carving but of course we all know Carter and Master Chief really did it.


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