Last night I posted a picture of the Seattle skyline before the sun had come up.  Tonight I thought I’d post a picture taken from the same place 30 minutes later.  Sure this isn’t the same composition but it does nicely capture the sunrise above the city.

Just before I took this I was heading home, I’d agreed with Lisa to only go out for so long and my window of photography was coming to an end.  So I said my goodbyes to the rest of the class and started walking towards the car.  Once I turned round of course and saw this scene I had to stop, so I set up my tripod and started shooting.

This is another image that I didn’t touch in post processing.  This is pretty much exactly what I saw, the sky was blue with these amazing clouds and a yellow-orange sky.  It just looked beautiful.  I liked the big sky composition with the city in the corner so this is what I captured.  The water by now wasn’t really reflecting anything and there were no lights on in the city, so the buildings looked a little dark (almost in silhouette).  But as the sky was the primary subject I thought that was ok.

Anyway I really liked the end picture, hope you do too.

Tonight the Halo guys started to clean out their pumpkin in preparation for some carving tomorrow.


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