On Saturday on the Seattle photo walk we visited Seattle’s Art Museum (or SAM).  Outside the museum they have a large Hammering Man moving sculpture.

This 48 foot sculpture was made out of steel and aluminium and has a motorized arm that moves up and down.  The arm is holding a large hammer, hence it’s name, the “Hammering Man”.  It was erected in 1992 and built by artist Jonathan Borofsky.  There are several Hammering Man sculptures around the world, ours is one of the largest.  The arm hammers from 7am to 8pm every day and takes one day off a year, Labor Day.  The statue is suposed to represent the working man so I guess taking Labour Day off makes sense.

When we got to the museum our guide (Chandler) gave us a challenge.  He said that he comes here quite a lot with different photography parties and always see’s the same images. So our chalenge was to try and capture the sculpture from a different perspective, something Chandler hasn’t seen before.  So for the next 15 minutes we tried everything, walking around the sculpture, shooting from under trees, from behind bus shelters, I’m sure you get the picture.

Anyway I took loads of pictures and in the end found this composition.  Below and some distance from the sculpture is a street lamp.  By lying on the floor (nearly) and looking up (at a certain angle) I got this picture so it looks like the Hammering Man is hitting the light.  Yes I know it’s not brilliant, and according to Chandler it’s not original either.  But it was the best shot I got.  He did say it was the best version he of this he’d seen, but I have no doubt he says that to everyone.

So here is my “original” Hammering Man image, with him bashing the crap out of a street light – what a vandal.

Today we were discussing what would happen if we had a flood, Carter explained that he had a plan and got one of James’ size 13 shoes!  Not sure I’ll fit but the Halo dudes are certainly going to be ok!


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