In yesterday’s posting I told you about visiting Ballard Locks in Seattle – I was lucky enough to get a few good shots and today’s posting is another one from the visit.   Yesterday’s tug boat entered the lock from Lake Union and to get out of the Lake and into the lock it had to get past the Ballard railway bridge.  I was there at exactly the right time to shoot the boat as the bridge raised and the tug boat sailed underneath.

The boat was moving pretty fast so I couldn’t HDR the image, I had to shoot just one shot and process that when I got home.  We had quite a bit of cloud cover (it rained a little on the way home) but it came out as very grey in the finished picture.  So I single file tone mapped the image to bring a bit of texture and color back.

The end result looked pretty good, with the yellow tug boat under a blue grey sky.

Ten minutes before I took this shot a train went across the bridge, it actually wasn’t that impressive so I didn’t take a picture, but it did show that the bridge was still fully functional.  I actually liked this image best but I let Lisa pick the image for yesterday’s posting.  This really was one of those moments when you knew you had a great shot the moment the shutter closed.

Carter wanted to play basketball this evening but the ball was flat, so he helped pump it up.


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