I’ve posted a few pictures from Fort Ward State Park over the last couple of days but I haven’t really shown you what the beach looks like.  This image was taken by the wooden poles in the water picture that I posted a few days ago.  You can see the stones on the beach, not a grain of sand to see anywhere.

The things that caught my eye when I composed this image were the trees falling over towards the water, the large bolder in the water and the state of the clouds.  The wind was blowing while we were there so these clouds didn’t stick around and as you have already seen on the way home the sun came out and the clouds parted to give us blue sky.  But here it looks almost gray.

Where the trees were falling there were some uprooted trunks and I got one call picture of the very bottom of a tree, looking at it’s roots.  It’s a little odd as you can’t really tell what it is but I may post that in the future.

In the far distance you can just make out the mainland.  You can’t see Seattle from here as it’s kind of round the corner to the left, but you can see Bainbridge is not that far away from Seattle.

Well the weekend if finally here and I’ll try to get out tomorrow to shoot something new.

After watching Gabby Douglas last night the guys were inspired.  Here’s Carter practicing his beam routine.


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