After our day out in Seattle we visited Kirkland for the evening.  Kirkland has this really nice marina with a small beach on Lake Washington.  When we got there the sun had just gone down but it was still light out.  This is a wonderful time to shoot, it’s usually called the “Blue Hour” and in the images below you can see why.

There’s a boat tour company that runs out of Kirkland called Argosy. They provide trips around Lake Washington and will even take you out to Puget Sound and the San Juan’s.  When I got there, we saw an Argosy dinner cruse that was just about to head out.  So I grabbed some pictures.

Once the boat had gone I shot some images of the piers, which have these lamps on them that cast a great light across the water.  The water was a little choppy so I put the camera on a tripod and shot with a long exposure to smooth the water.

Next it was up past the beach to shoot a huge gazebo that over looks the lake.  This looked great as the blue sky was juxtaposed against the orange gazebo lights.

Finally behind the gazebo there was this statue of six kids running up a hill.  Above the kids the sky was super blue, and at the kids feet the lights from the shops looked fantastic.  With this image there were cars that kept going by that cast a lot of light onto the statues.  This shot didn’t come out as I’d hoped but I still liked it so thought I’d include it too.

Once again, all images shot with a Fujifilm X100T camera with a fixed 23mm f/2 lens.

For those that don’t know I don’t live in Seattle.  I actually live in Redmond which is around 20 miles to the east of Seattle.  Now here’s the dumb thing, it takes NO TIME at all to drive into the city, but we never go.  I used to live about 30 miles to the west of London and it could take over 2 hours to get into town.  But here it takes 30 minutes to go into the city, so there’s no excuse! But we still never visit.  That is until someone visits us.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a visiter from the UK staying with us.  Regan my nephew has now been with us for 3 weeks and as a chef he was really keen to go to Pike Place Market.  So on Saturday morning off we went.

As I don’t go to the market that often I took a camera (of course) and took a load of pics.

The weather was pretty good, a little cold but dry and the sun was out.  So I captured lots of shots.  We had fun walking though the market so I grabbed the usual fruit, vegetables and fish pictures, then we went outside and I shot some of the buskers performing in the street.

I got a few shots of Regan (that looked better in black and white – nothing to do with him I just thought they looked cool) and one of Abi and one of James.

It was actually a lot of fun and I’m very happy with the shots, especially as I only took the X100T.  This is a camera with a fixed prime lens (so no zooming at all).  If I wanted the subject to be closer I had to move closer.  It was actually really refreshing to not have to worry about the focal length, instead I basically had a nice low ISO (200), Aperture typically at f/8, and that’s it.

Just had fun shooting interesting stuff.  I can’t begin to describe how nice this camera is, it’s fun to use and the images are just beautiful.

I say this every time but I’m definitely going back again soon, it was a lot of fun.

I was driving to work the other day and saw this great sunset.  I had a little point and shoot in the car so turned around and pulled over by the side of the road.  I grabbed the camera and jumped out to take a pic.  Loads of cars were driving past and I’m sure everyone thought I was nuts.

I was parked by a small roadside market that wasn’t open yet – it was pretty early, and didn’t really want to get the market tent in the picture.  So I opened the car door so I could stand on the seat and lean on the roof to get the shot.  Again looking like an idiot!

The sky was great and in the distance there were a number of buildings pumping out smoke that looked really cool.

Anyway here’s the image, considering this was a little point and shoot I’m quite happy with the shot.