If you ever visit my blog, you will know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new entry.

The reason for this is that I’ve been a little busy lately :-) Work has been manic (well it’s always manic so that’s a terrible excuse) but then I’ve just moved house – probably one of the most stressful thing’s I’ve ever done! Yes I’ve moved before, but for some reason this one took its toll (maybe it’s because I’ve also hit 50 and it hurts more – who knows).

So I’ve been a busy boy. I’m writing this posting on a Sunday night, just after we unpacked our last box, so we are feeling pretty good right now.

Anyway even though I’ve been up to a lot of stuff, I still had time to take the camera out. Back in July (yes it’s been that long) we went to Disney in California for a week. We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel and hit the parks each day.

It’s actually been a while since we’ve visited Disneyland, we normally go to Florida, but we decided to go somewhere closer (and cheaper) as we were about to move. Staying in a Disney hotel was fantastic, we could literally walk out of the hotel directly into either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure and of course we were right by Downtown Disney too.

The hotel had a couple of super posh restaurants – too nice for us – so we ate most nights in Downtown Disney. We did get to enjoy the Concierge Service though, which entailed going to this private room each night were we got free drinks and “nibbles”.

The kids had a blast, we went on all the cool rides – thankfully Abi is now old enough to not want to go on the really baby ones and the weather was fantastic.

Most nights found us in “Earl of Sandwich” (James favorite) or Tortilla Jo’s (Lisa’s favorite) where they served the best tableside made Guacamole I’ve ever had.

As a keen photog I of course took my camera, but this time did a little experiment. I’ve been carrying around my D4 DSLR and some heavy glass for a while now. Let me tell you it definitely takes some amazing pictures, but my god it’s heavy! Now I’ve been reading a lot about people getting rid of their expensive DSLRs and replacing them with small mirrorless cameras. So as an experiment I took with me a small Fujifilm x20 compact mirrorless camera. Some day’s I took out the D4, others just the x20. Here’s the question, can you tell which image came from which camera?

Remember the D4 and 28-300mm lens costs $7,000. The x20 cost $400.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip.